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My take on DIY projects ranging from home improvement, decor, organization, and more. Come create with me!

All you need is a hammer and some nails to create something amazing.

Meet our fabulous team.

Homemade Everyday is made possible by the dedicated work of Megan Hodge and Chase Friedman. We are here to provide the world with unique and creative ideas that inspire, promote creative problem solving, and encourage others to explore their individuality through projects inside the home.

Megan Hodge

Author and Creative Director

Chase Friedman

Marketing Manager

About Megan

Megan is the Author and Creative Director of Homemade Everyday. She currently resides in Knoxville, TN with her husband, Ian, and her three dogs Bell, Lady, and Maggie. She graduated with honors at Texas A&M University. WHOOP! And, she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Leadership and Development, minors in Communications and Creative Studies, with an emphasis in Psychology. What a mouthful! She has always loved writing, creating, and anything inside a home (she is notorious for exuding unusual excitement when she is able to tour friends houses or historical homes), which led to the inspiration of creating the concept behind Homemade Everyday. Some of her favorite TV shows include: Property Brothers, Love It or List It, House Hunters, and Scandal.

About Chase

Chase is the Marketing Manager (aka Marketing mastermind) at Homemade Everyday. This blog would not be possible or even exist without him! He takes care of all the things Megan would dislike doing such as: analytics, web design, and SEO (just to name a few of his duties). Chase is married to his wife Rachel, and they exude joy. They have three sweet dogs. Their names are Ladee, who is a mixed lab, Miya, who is a husky mix, and Charley, who is a pure bred German Shephard!


"I was inspired to create Homemade Everyday after I started eating preservative free and cooking all my meals from scratch. When Ian and I moved to Knoxville in December 2015, we committed to preparing all our meals at home. It was truly life changing. When we went out to eat, we noticed we were making higher quality, fresher food at home. This new inspiration led me to explore what else I could make at home instead of going to the store to purchase. I discovered I was more than capable at completing home improvement projects, decorating, and organizing with items I already had around the house, or creating something entirely new from wood, nails, and paint. I found joy and the feeling of empowerment when I started making things myself. Home improvement or even owning a house can feel intimidating, especially to a first time home owner. So many first time home owners receive feedback from established home owners about how much work and upkeep it takes to maintain a house, let alone put your personal touch on your new home. My hope with this blog is to inspire others to create, learn skills they never knew they had, gain confidence trying home improvement projects, and see their home as a unique outlet to express themselves creatively." -Megan Hodge

How we work.

1 The posts on this blog will showcase various home improvement and DIY projects Megan completes in her home. Her larger projects are divided into a series of posts where she explains what tools she used, how to use the tools, and how to complete the projects. She will also feature posts that show how she styled or used her completed DIY projects.

2 Posts are divided into various categories that include: Home Improvement, Decor, Organization, Food, How To Guides, Favorite Product Friday, and Projects for Our Furry Friends (aka dogs and cats). We are also very excited to explain and show other people how they can start a blog of their own!

3 Once a month, we will post an income report, what we learned from the month, areas we need to improve, and areas we found that were successful. At Homemade Everyday, we believe these kinds of posts will be helpful for other bloggers by giving important feedback on what works, what does not work, and the ways we explore making a blog as successful as it can possibly be.

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