August 2016: Income Report

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This month was a great month for the blog. Our traffic is up against last month and we made a tiny bit of money! With the 12 posts that Megan put together this month (and all the previous ones) we broke the 1,000 pageviews barrier again! This month I’ll dive into some different metrics and we’ll of course run down the snapshot of the income streams.

Just a reminder: we’re focus on quality original content, not making loads of money; that’s not our strategy.

How was our income in August?


We profited exactly $0.59. Wahoo!

What is unique about our Amazon revenue is that we’re getting money based on other items that people are buying, not necessarily the items we’re linking to. There are a few things that we can do here to present people with more amazon ads but we’re going to have to brainstorm how we show native Amazon ads without compromising the integrity of the blog.

Here’s the snapshot of August

  • Amazon Affiliate: $0
  • Bluehost (check out how to start your own blog like us!)$0
  • Aweber$0

How are the site’s metrics?



Who doesn’t like all of those green numbers! With literally every metric in the green we can tell we had some better content this month and last month was particularly bad. Our average session duration is increasing, this means folks are reading more of Megan’s work and they’re reading more than one article. The bounce rate is also down which also happens to mean that people are clicking on a second link regardless of how long they’re reading an article. I think I need to look into providing similar content in the side panel without being too distracting. The longer we can keep people on the blog, the more likely they will return.

Final thoughts

We’re finally getting to get some stats that will build a base for some small changes we can make. Changes have yet to be made because we simply don’t have enough data to show what we should or should not be doing. With more data, we can make changes that make sense; not ones we just feel are good ideas.

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