This is a photo of a lamp shade made from scratch using I Like That Lamp lamp rings and styrene paper.

How to Update Lamps You Already Own!

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As I revealed in our living room tour, Ian and I have a hodgepodge of décor we were given, things we collected over college, and things we have made.  Some of those decor items we were given were lamps.  I absolutely love lighting, and I believe you can change the look and feel of a room depending on the lighting and style of lighting you choose.  Track lights, chandeliers, floor lamps, desk lamps, candles… I could go on and on!  But, today, I am going to focus on one set of lamps generously given to us by my mother-in-law and father-in-law. This is a photo of an older lamp shade with a white shade and metal lamp stand.

While I am extremely appreciative and the purpose was served, these lamps are not my choice for décor.  I debated on donating them, selling them, giving them away, but I stopped and considered the potential of what these lamps could be.  I pondered ways I could enhance the base and completely change the look and feel of the entire shade.  Usually, I never find lamp shades I like in stores.  I have this idea in my mind, but I can’t find exactly what I envision in my head.  So, why not create an entirely new lamp shade for this decorative stand?

That is exactly what I did.  I gave the stand a few coats of gold spray paint, and I made the lamp shade from scratch with some materials I purchased off Amazon.  There is this really cool company called “I Like That Lamp” that sells all the various parts to lamp shades, wiring, and complete DIY kits to create a lamp you truly love instead of having to buy what is already available.   This is a photo of a I Like That Lamp shade rings and adhesive styrene paper in from of a lamp stand.

For this project I purchased:

Two set of 10” Diameter lamp shade rings

Two adhesive pressure sensitive styrene sheet pre-cut at 8”H x 40”W

Liquid Stitch

Small Binder Clips

Fabric This is a photo of the fabric I used for Homemade Everyday's DIY lampshade.

Other items needed:

Fabric Scissors

I tried to create my own rings for the shade, but the wire I purchased was not working out, and I could not get a perfect “o” shape.  I am still trying to figure that out, so I used the items from I Like That Lamp on Amazon to be able to go ahead and update my lamps.  Plus, the process was really simple!

Here is how to Update your current Lamps:

  1. Spray paint lamp stand with paint of choice.
    1. I used Valspar gold spray paint, but this is similar to what I used.
    2. Spray on about 3 coats and allow to dry for 24 hours. This is a photo of the bottom of a lamp stand freshly spray painted with gold spray paint.
  2. Unroll the adhesive styrene sheet, and wrap it around one lamp shade ring to determine where to cut the length of the sheet to fit the ring.
  3. Cut your sheet to the appropriate length.
  4. Lay down your fabric of choice with the side that will face in toward the shade facing up.
  5. Peel off the back of the styrene sheet to expose the adhesive side.
  6. Press the adhesive firmly on your fabric ensuring the fabric underneath is smooth. This is a photo of the adhesive styrene paper from I Like That Lamp attached to my fabric of choice for the homemade lamp shade.
  7. After sticking on the sheet, use your fabric scissors to cut and outline ½” to 1” of extra fabric around the perimeter of the styrene sheet.
  8. Once all cuts have been made, use liquid stitch to glue your extended fabric down on one end of the sheet going up and down. Do not glue down the perimeter or the other end yet! The extra fabric will be used to help secure the rings in place.
  9. Place one of your rings on your work space and wrap the styrene sheet with fabric around the ring. Make sure the ring fits just inside the styrene.
  10. Take a binder clip, and clip the two ends of the styrene sheet together on the top to hold the circular shape around the ring.
  11. Go back to the bottom and start wrapping the fabric around the ring, starting with the end of styrene with fabric you glued down.
  12. Dab liquid glue along the fabric and lamp shade ring, and pull and press the fabric over the ring and press firmly on the side of the shade. Use a binder clip to secure the fabric to the shade and allow to set. This is a photo of a lamp shade being bade with bider clips holding the fabric in place to the lamp shade ring.
  13. Continue steps 11-12 until the entire ring is secured to the inside of the shade with the folded over fabric. This is a photo of binder clips holding glued fabric to a lamp shade around a lamp shade ring.
  14. For the end with ½” to 1” fabric still extended, fold it in half to create a straight seam, and glue the top and bottom around the two wires. Then glue the rest of the seam to connect with the other seam.
  15. Flip your lamp shade over and do the same process for the other ring.

**For the top ring, make sure you place the top ring with the spider fitter where the spider fitter legs angle up.  Placing it this way will prevent you from seeing the spider fitter legs when you look directly at the lamp shade. **

Allow your shade to finish drying, and attach it to your lamp stand!  Done and done! This is a photo of a newly updated lamp stand and homemade lamp shade.This is an up close shot of a newly made lamp shade from scratch.

Here is a side by side of the before and after: This is a side-by-side before and after shot of what the lamp looked like before updating and after updating with a homemade lamp shade and gold spray paint.

This was an extremely easy process, and it was so nice to not be restricted to what lamp shades are available at stores.  I love how this kind of lamp shade process allows you to be creative as you want and choose any fabric pattern you desire!  Hopefully the lamp shade I made will give you some creative inspiration.

My next post is the beginning of a three part series.  Remember how I said I was going to rebuild our custom computer desk?  Well, tomorrow is the start of that!  I cannot wait to show you my design, and how Ian and I tailored the desk to fit our living room.

Do you have any lamps in your home you do not like?  Have you ever considered updating them rather than getting rid of them?  This is an unclose after shot of the finished updated lamp with the homemade lamp shade.

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  2. Kiri Masters

    Wow, what an amazing transformation! Thank you so much for trying out our kit and creating a tutorial on how you used it to create a lamp you love. Love your choice of fabric too!

    1. Author
      Megan Hodge

      Thank you so much, Kiri! Your kits are a serious life saver and so easy to use! I never find lamp shades I like, so having your kit was perfection 😄

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