A photos that depicts a white bed frame with lettering that says, "Homemade Everyday Bed frame Part 1."

The One and Only Homemade Everyday Bed Frame Part 1

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This is an angled photo of the side of a white bed frame with a colorful bed spread and cream colored sheets standing on top of hardwood floors.

If you are like me, you have extremely expensive taste. Whenever I tell Ian about my home improvement ideas, appliances I would enjoy, or decor I like, he lets out a big sigh, shakes his head, and explains to me how my taste was made for a mansion. Would it be crazy to tell you how we decided I need two kitchens? One for baking and pastry making and the other for cooking. I may or may not already have all the appliances, brands, and layouts I would want for both gorgeous kitchens. So much for explaining how I am a minimalist in this post.

With my expensive taste comes hefty price tags I am unable to afford. Even at a discount store, I somehow manage to pick out the most expensive item in the entire store. I used to give up on my dreams of owning something I truly loved, but why give up when I can try to recreate what I love at a drastically reduced price? The only price I would be paying is time, energy, and of course the supplies needed to make what I love. With our move and not having a job, I had both time and energy in my favor, and Ian had many of the tools I needed because he enjoys being handy. That is a homemade marriage made in heaven right there.

The first of my decorating woes came when Ian and I needed to upgrade our bed size. We have three dogs, and guess what? We allow all three to sleep in bed with us. The things we do for our fur babies… Am I right? One is a German Shepherd mix named, Bell, who is 95 lbs. the second is, Lady, who is a border collie/pit bull mix, and finally there is, Maggie, who is a flat-coated retriever. I adopted Maggie and Lady while I was in college, and Ian adopted Bell while he was in college before we were married. After marriage, Bell lived with my mother-in-law and father-in-law because Ian’s and my apartment complex would not allow three dogs. The first time all three were together for an extended period of time was when we packed up, loaded up the truck with all three dogs, and made our supposed 13 hour drive which turned into 17 due to a tire blowing out on our trailer. Somehow all three stayed amicable and sisterly despite having limited space in the back seat of Ian’s truck.

So here we are, in our tiny house with three dogs who all sleep in bed with us because we cannot resist their sad, sweet, adorable, puppy dog faces. Can any other dog owners relate? We had a queen size bed generously given to us from my mother-in-law and father-in-law when Ian and I moved to our apartment, but we realized in order to accommodate our larger family, we needed an upgrade. After Ian and I chose the mattress we wanted, I started looking online at bed frames. Of course, all the bed frames I liked ranged from $2,500-$4,000. Being first time homeowners, using most of our savings for a downpayment on the house, and all the expense that comes with moving, there was no way I would be able to purchase what I truly liked.

All I can say is my minor in Creative Studies is truly paying off (See, mom and dad). I sat down and did some creative problem solving. If I cannot buy a bed frame I love, already made, you know what? I can make it. With this new found attitude, I looked to Pinterest for various bed frames I liked and came up with my very own. Ian helped me draw out the plans for the bed frame.

Each square on the piece of graph paper represents 4″.  The headboard measures 84″L x 36″H x 1.5″W.  The footboard is 84″L x 16″H x 1.5″W.  The sides of the frame both measure 80″L x 3.5″W x 7″ H.  The wood slats to support the mattress were 76″L x 2.5″W.

There we have it! The plan was in place, and I decided to paint it white for that Z Gallerie look. Is anyone else a Z Gallerie fan? I die every time I walk in there. I love anything chic, modern, cream, or gold, and Z Gallerie has it all.

Because this was a larger project, I divided it into 5 posts. Part 1 of 5 lists all of the tools and supplies you will need to recreate this king size bed frame. Part 2 of 5, details how to cut and assemble the wood for the headboard and footboard (fun fact, both are constructed the exact same way!). Part 3 of 5, discusses how to build the side supports, middle support, and cutting the slats to support the mattress. Part 4 of 5, explains how to sand and paint all of your bed frame parts. The final installment, details how to put together the entire bed frame, and how I decorated it! **Please note: our bed frame was built around our mattress. Our mattress is 10” deep, so we had the mattress set in the bed frame by 4” with 6” of the mattress rising above the side frame and footboard. You can easily customize this, which will be discussed in Part 3**

Here is the list of all tools and supplies needed for this bed frame:

That was quite the list!  The beauty of purchasing tools is the fact that they are a true investment.  All the items I listed are things you will use for multiple home projects as well as future projects showcased on this blog.  While there may be some upfront cost to DIY projects, you end up saving a significant amount of money in the long run.

Now that we have all our supplies together, the next post will explain how to make the headboard and footboard for this fabulous bed frame!  The end result is to die for, if I do say so myself. 😀

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  1. Claire

    That is a gorgeous frame! But wow, that is a lot of stuff… How much did it all cost?

    1. Author
      Megan Hodge

      Claire, thank you for your question! I will report on a cost analysis in the final post of this series which will include the cost of tools and supplies, so look forward to that! The cost also depends on what tools you already own, and which tools you use for cutting the wood and trimming the edges of the wood. But, all of the wood needed for this project costs $87.86 not including tax.

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