This is a side shot of our Kobalt Miter Saw.

Favorite Product Friday: Our Multipurpose Miter Saw

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This is a top down photo of our multipurpose Kobalt Miter Saw showing the handle used to pull the blade down.Woo-Hoo!  This is our very first favorite product showcase on Homemade Everyday.  I am extremely excited as I go over various tools and products Ian and I use in our home daily and weekly.  I will also compile a list of tools every first-time homeowner should consider investing in.  I hope that list will be a helpful resource for anyone who wants to do their own repairs, shelving or projects in a home.

Before Ian and I closed on our home, we went on a trip to visit my family in Arkansas for Thanksgiving.  It was a blast, and Ian really connected with my uncles.  While we were there, we went to Lowes for Black Friday.  Ian and I decided we would take the plunge and purchase tools we knew we would need for our new home.  Some of the items on that list included a pressure washer, a complete mechanics tool set, electric sander, and of course our miter saw.  Ian was nervous with purchasing so much, but I kept reminding him all these tools were an investment and would save so much money in the long run because these tools would help us do so many projects ourselves.  Isn’t it nice to have a big picture thinker around? 😉

Let me tell you.  Within one month of moving into our house, we already used all of the tools we purchased that day.

The Miter Saw has paid its weight in gold a thousand times over.  We use it practically weekly for cutting wood, pipes, creating shelving, and completing various décor projects.  Personally, it is one of my favorite tools.

Let’s get into some specifics about the Miter Saw:

  1. Miter saws come in various sizes and the blade can be easily switched for other blades for different purposes.
    1. This is where the multipurpose aspect comes in. The blade currently in our Miter saw is a metal cutting blade. This is a photo of a miter saw with a metal cutting blade.We used that blade to cut ¾” black iron pipe (which will be showcased in a future post).  There are many blade options that specify what they are used for including: general purpose for cutting wood, ripping saw blade for soft or hard wood ¾” to 2 ¾” thick, plexiglass and plastic cutting blade, and of course the metal cutting blade just to name a few.
  2. Depending on the Miter saw, it allows you to make angles cuts at specified degrees.
    1. This makes cutting wood at an angle a breeze. The base of the miter saw has a circular plate that lists various angles.  You can turn the base to line up with the corresponding angle, which allows you to get the perfect angle cut. This is a photo of the degree angles that can be cut using a miter saw.
    2. This also allows you to complete custom jobs within your home. If you love an industrial style, you can easily cut wood and metal.  This also allows you to measure the area you want your shelf, piece of furniture, etc. to have a custom fit rather than making something you bought from the store “work.” Sometimes when you see furniture in the store, it is deceiving and looks smaller than it actually is.  By making custom pieces, you can guarantee a precise fit if you measure properly.
  3. The head of the saw extends to accommodate wide pieces of wood.
    1. The beauty of a miter saw is it does not limit you too much in terms of the width of lumber you are using. When you pull on the handle, the saw extends toward you so you can reach the entire width of the piece of wood.  **Not all miter saws have this capability, but ours does.** This is a photo of a metal cutting blade in a miter saw being extended outward.
  4. Project times are significantly reduced when using a miter saw over a hand saw or bow saw.
    1. In my bed frame post series, I explained different options you can do in terms of cutting wood. That included a hand saw and bow saw.  These options cause cutting wood to take a significant amount of time.  I can cut wood at the appropriate lengths in a matter of minutes when using the miter saw.  I highly, highly recommend using a miter saw if you want to save time on your projects or home repairs.
  5. Remember to follow safety precautions when using a miter saw.
    1. The spinning blade can be detrimental when considering human error. It is vital to be aware of where your hands and fingers are at all times when using this saw.
    2. Use eye protection and ear protection when operating the saw. Depending on what you are cutting, the saw can produce very loud noise.  To protect your ears from hearing loss, wear ear plugs or ear muffs while operating.  To protect your eyes from saw dust or sparks, always wear eye protection.
    3. If cutting metal or a material that will spark, make sure the area is clear of anything flammable. Also have a fire extinguisher nearby.  Wear clothing that covers your arms, legs, and body.
      This is a photo of Ian using a miter saw to saw a black iron pipe.

      This is an example of cutting metal. Ian should be wearing clothes that cover his legs in this photo as well as a mask on his face. 😛

    4. Finally, wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth to prevent inhaling saw dust or other particles from the material being sawed.

Ian and I have a mid-range Miter Saw.  They vary in price, but ours was around $150 (normally $200, but we got a black Friday deal), and it has worked wonderfully for us.  You can get a similar one like ours here.  So far, we have used our miter saw for our built-in pantry series, homemade bed frame series, and our built-in, industrial, computer desk, which will be showcased later this month.

This is a side view photo of our Kobalt Miter saw.If you have any other questions about the miter saw, uses for it, or project ideas for using it, please feel free to comment below!  I would be more than happy to answer to the best of my ability.  This is one of the top items Ian and I both recommend for first-time home owners or even established home owners to invest in.  We have been surprised with how often we use our saw and how much money we have saved by completing our own home projects.

Next week, look forward to another DIY decor idea with updating lamps you already own and the start of our built-in, industrial computer desk series.  I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

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