Grocery shopping can become quick, easy, and efficient with our tricks to help you save time and money!

Grocery Shopping: 5 Tips and Tricks that will help save You Time and Money

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I’m going to keep my intro short and sweet for you today because I am so excited to dive right in and share my grocery shopping tips!  While this is what worked for me, I think it is important for people to find out what works for them in any area of life, really.  I felt like Ian and I were always at the grocery store getting things we “forgot” that we needed.  So much time was being spent in the evenings buying what we needed, we did not feel like cooking by the time we got back home.  Finally, we managed to stop the cycle with the tips I listed below!  So, here are my 5 tips to help you save time and money at the grocery store! Grocery shopping can become quick, easy, and efficient with our tricks to help you save time and money!

  1. Meal Plan
    1. Meal planning is so essential if you want to save time and money before embarking on a grocery shopping trip. It is especially essential if you want to avoid buying processed foods to get you through the week, like Ian and I try to avoid.  Ian and I both sit down on Saturday’s and think about what food we want for the week.  For the two of us, we usually decide on 3 or 4 recipes to make.  Typically, this provides us enough leftovers to last before the next weekend. Grocery shopping can become quick, easy, and efficient with our tricks to help you save time and money!
    2. Meal planning also helps you see what ingredients you need that you do not purchase often like spices, dried herbs, baking ingredients, or grains. When I meal plan, I know exactly what we have, and it helps me avoid purchasing items I already have plenty of.  For me, meal planning doubles as a weekly inventory check.
  2. Establish categories and assign needed items into those categories
    1. I cannot stress enough how helpful it is to write down categories! Then, determine which category the item you need fits into.  This way when you are in the part of the store that corresponds to your category you can get everything you need in that category.  Before I did this, I would think I was keeping up with my list relatively well, until I noticed I needed bell peppers and I was already at the opposite end of the store.  This adds time to your grocery shopping, and it can turn into a long frustrating process.
    2. When you write down everything you need or want, you typically only need to go grocery shopping once a week. When you go to the grocery store several times a week, you can end up spending so much more than you anticipated because advertisers and marketers are extremely good at what they do!  I used to do this, until I started utilizing the tips I am sharing with you all, and found I had an extra couple hundred dollars left over at the end of the month than I usually do. Plus, making multiple trips to the grocery store ends up taking a great deal of time that can be spent on other things.
  3. Shop the perimeter first
    1. I feel that we hear this, and there is good reasoning for it.  Shopping the perimeter allows you to focus on unprocessed foods.  For me, the grocery store I shop at starts with produce, baked goods, cheese, the deli counter, dairy, and finally frozen foods. Most of the time, these items are perishable and are minimally processed, which is fabulous if you are trying to eat less preservatives and artificial foods like me.  But, I am not one to pass up a box of Kraft Mac and Cheese on occasion. 😉 Grocery shopping can become quick, easy, and efficient with our tricks to help you save time and money!
  4. Shop in the aisles last
    1. When you fill your cart up with fresh veggies, fruit, meat or seafood, and dairy, it makes you less tempted to filled your cart up with stuff you do not need because it already looks full! Those last minute thoughts about grabbing a few extra items become less tempting because it already looks like you have everything you need, and it will save you a few bucks as well.  It also become less tempting to grab already made meals because I don’t want all the fresh food I just picked up to go to waste.  This also saves you time because you are not as likely to dwell on if you need or want a certain item, since it already feels like your cart is full. Grocery shopping can become quick, easy, and efficient with our tricks to help you save time and money!
  5. Subscribe to my blog via the pop-up!
    1. If you have ever been to our site and suddenly see a pop-up appear, it offers a free grocery list printable in exchange for subscribing to our blog! Remember how I talked about utilizing categories and assigning items to those categories?  Well, I already did that hard work and created a visually appealing, easy to use list, complete with a spot for meal planning, every category needed, check off boxes, as well as miscellaneous items.  It does not get any easier than that! This is the exact same list Ian and I use when we go grocery shopping.  It is my gift to you for being a loyal follower as I continue on my quest to make Homemade Everyday the best it can be for y’all.
    2. I will also be sharing many more organization ideas and my tips and tricks in the future that I do not want you to miss! Grocery shopping can become quick, easy, and efficient with our tricks to help you save time and money!

I hope my tips were helpful!  I use these tips anytime I go grocery shopping, and it helps Ian and I eat wholesome meals at home.

My next post is another McDodge House tour!  It’s all about the kitchen.

Do you find yourself going to the grocery store multiple times a week like I was?

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  2. Stephanie Kusnerek

    Excellent advice; I love the category list and perimeter shopping. So smart! I’m on it. Thanks !!!!

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